Digital Tools in the High School English Classroom

Hello! My name is Casey J., and this portfolio compromises a full semester of learning in both my college and student teaching contexts. For a little bit more information about myself, here's some of my thoughts on education and digital tools from back in August through a video narrative. I'm really more proud of this little photo-essay introducing myself, though!! It's a lot more personable.


=> My Digital Teaching Philosophy on how and why teachers should engage with digital tools and social media in English classrooms.

=> A Semester's Reflection after time spent in situ (with my lovely high schoolers ).


=> This High Leverage Practice video is a self-assessment of a mini-lesson I ran near the beginning of this semester which utilized digital tools and includes examples of students' responses to a quick assessment. [All students shown in this video have signed a release form to be included in my student teaching recordings.]

=> An Example Lesson Plan focusing on how to explore characterization using social media profiles. I haven't yet tested this out in the classroom, but I'm looking forward to it in the spring.

=> This artifact is a mini-lesson presentation that comes from a lesson plan in another one of my courses, in which I used PearDeck to support student engagement. (This is a closer look at the lesson I shared in my HLP video!)

=> Here's a template example of a digital presentation that students made to accompany an oral presentation of a personal narrative. It includes using a word cloud generator to visualize their writing. Check out this AMAZING work from one of my (anonymous) students who really used the medium to its fullest.

* * *