English Education Exit E-Portfolio

Hello, my name is Casey J., and I am currently a pre-service English teacher—but not for long! I'm finishing up my Bachelors degree in English Education at the University of Georgia and student teaching 11th grade American Lit at a local Clarke County high school. After I graduate this May, I'll be continuing to work towards my Masters in English Ed at UGA. This website represents a look back at all my progress towards becoming a teacher, in both my college and high school classrooms. You can click through the links below in whatever order you're interested in.

This I Believe: IGNITE Talk

Instructional Strategy Checklist

Reading Portfolio

Promise into Practice: Lesson Studies

Reflection in the Field: Spring '24 Seminar

Besides all of the artifacts and resources that I've collected for this final portfolio, I have a lot more teaching-related work that doesn't fit neatly into these few categories! You can click on the star below to go to my website's main homepage, which goes all the way back to my first reflections on teaching in Fall of 2022. I also highly recommend checking out my "Digital Storytelling" projects, which I found very important to my development as both a writer and user of digital tools. Even still, this is just a snippet of all my experiences during my time at UGA, and this homepage will likely be updated as I continue through graduate school and my teaching career.