Reading Unit Plan

This unit was created as a collaborative project between myself and two of my peers in the English Education cohort. We worked on this during the Fall semester of our Senior year, when we were at our student teaching placements only part-time. The purpose was to practice creating an entire unit that had clear rationale, variety of lessons, even pacing, and relevant assessments. Since we would have to create two of these on our own for our full-time student teaching in the Spring, this activity helped us scaffold up to that task. I had actually already taught a unit at my placement centered about the same text we focus on here (The Crucible), so I was able to use that experience to reflect on what I would have liked to do differently if I ended up teaching it again in the Spring. I ultimately chose a different text (A Raisin in the Sun), but since that was also a play, I still got to use some of these ideas that were related to exploring plays as a genre!